Experimental mussel rope with Styela clava

Experimental mussel rope with Styela clava

In 2008 I started a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology at the University of Melbourne. After graduating, I completed a Master of Science at the same university under the supervision of Prof. Mick Keough, Dr. Tim Dempster and Dr. Isla Fitridge.

My Masters research focused on the competitive interactions between cultured mussels and biofouling, and the spatial and temporal variability in fouling patterns within Port Phillip Bay.

Significant fouling by Ectopleura crocea

Significant fouling by Ectopleura crocea

Since completing my Masters in late October 2012, I have been working on a broad range of projects for Prof. Mick Keough and Dr. Tim Dempster. These include continuing documenting fouling patterns within PPB, surveying intertidal zones, designing and implementing experiments, and data collection, collation and analysis. I was involved in an experiment looking at the effects of acute hypoxia and temperature on feeding in post-smolt salmon at the institute of marine research in Matre, Norway, during April-May 2013. I have a contract with Huon Aquaculture in Tasmania investigating biofouling within salmon aquaculture that is currently ongoing. I demonstrate for the undergraduate subjects: Ecology in Changing Environments, Biology of Cells and Organisms, Biomolecules and Cells, Genetics and the Evolution of Life, Blue Planet, and Experimental Marine Biology at the University of Melbourne.

From 2015 to 2018 I completed my PhD at the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences (SEFS) and BioSciences 4 at the University of Melbourne supervised by A/prof Kirsten Parris, Prof Stephen Swearer and Dr Rob Hale. The project looked at the ecological costs and benefits of artificial wetlands in urban landscapes, with a focus on ecological trap theory, ecotoxicology, metapopulation dynamics, urban ecology, and habitat selection.

I took up a short-term post doctoral position in 2018 at the Institute of Marine Research in Matre, Norway, investigating how salinity affects the interactions between Atlantic salmon and sea lice (in collaboration with Dr Daniel Wright, Dr Henrick Trengereid and Prof. Frode Oppedal).

As of August 2018, I have taken up a research fellow position with the Global Wetlands Project (Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University). The read more about this work see http://globalwetlandsproject.org.




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